Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ph.D in bugging you...

It is really amazing to see today's mosquitoes so clever...! Really!!!

It seems all of them go to some 'on-the-fly' university to learn all their buzzing and stinging techniques...first it was Malaria and now it is Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, etc...We try to control the spread of one disease and Lo there is a new virus / bact to deal with!

See..some of the things which mosquitoes are capable of doing nowadays when compared to mosquitoes of yore are...

- Location of bite is inversely proportional to your physical reach. That is, they will bite you in a place on your body which is tough to reach by your for instance the back of your elbow, or the back of your thighs - while you are seated. And you will definitely not be spared if you are wearing a transparent kind of outfit, as it is easier for them to get you from the outfit. 

- If you luckily have a mosquito swatter electric bat in your hand, then the clever ones keep flying very close to your body as they are somehow aware that you will not zat yourself with the bat; or they fly very low to the ground as it is difficult to zat them on the floor! Clever, isn't it? 

- Also the Gen X mosquitoes don't seem to be affected by any of the Good Knights, Mortein and All Outs...! Period! I guess they have their own research labs where vaccines against these are provided on a national scale similar to the Polio vaccine drive in the human world!

Also why I tell University is, all human behavior is somehow kept track of, researched and an antidote is made ready against each of our defenses.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

100 more years left to escape Earth....

...says the English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. How unfortunate! How unfortunate for all the Earthlings....I came across this news when I was contemplating about the same....How will we survive in this world if we continue with our greedy way...?

Are human beings naturally always trying to bring their destruction upon themselves? Is this something which is in-built in our genes? Are we so bad that one BIG OL' EARTH is not sufficient for us and we have to find other planets to pillage?

When will human being come out of their illusory shells and see the disaster that he is creating. True, we have gained victory over many life threatening epidemics but can any planet bear the brunt of our growing population? True, we have advanced in science and technology, but can we reverse the effects that this so-called science and tech is having on our environment?

Is it right for man to just think about himself, his family, his family tree alone - keep storing away all the wealth and riches for his kith and kin? How much will Mother Earth have left to continue this 'me, mine, myself' behavior? How much has Mother Earth already lost due to this behavior. How long will we mindlessly go on punching holes into Mother Earth with our modern excavators trying to dig out all her riches? Is it ever going to be enough. Why is the human mind so competitive? When are we going to change this culture to one of sharing and caring instead of grabbing and storing?

Let us for a second think about the future of our children and see what are we going to leave behind at this rate? We may just have to leave behind boats - seeing the rate of global warming that is. Maybe science and technology will advance so rapidly that it would become possible for people to colonize the Moon or other planets. But let us just step back and think for a second; are we sacrificing Mother Earth and all that is good at the threshold of advancements in AI and Space Travel? The nature of man which is competitive is like a demon with a stomach that is bottomless. No matter how much you feed this demon, it will not be satisfied.

Today, there we have advanced, highly luxurious, high-speed cars, but the traffic doesn't move an inch on the road! Today, we have too many options for entertainment, but too little joy derived out of it. Today, we have a lot of privacy but too little to share. Today, we have too much sex and very little real love. Today we are spending all our wealth on hi-tech gadgets, hi-tech hospitals and hi-tech security systems. Who are we protecting ourselves from? Who are we running away from? Why are we drowning ourselves in alcohol and drugs? Is this the only way we know to spend our hard-earned money? Ego begets ego...and anything achieved with ego will end up a circle of it own destruction.

Too many questions, but very few answers. Man has to stop this race to kill himself and step back. Take a deep breath and question the rationale behind the decisions made. Are we going to create a world of zombies by transplanting the head of one person onto the body of another? Time is ticking and it is not sufficient if a handful of people become aware and start living a 'normal' life. It is time now for governments to wake up, for countries to wake up and strive to make efforts in the right direction. Just one Bhutan will not do in the world! All countries have to arise and awake and contribute. The change has to begin at all levels - economic, environmental, spiritual. Either this or all nations have to wait for the ticking bomb to explode to awaken their true brotherhood and respect for Mother Earth. Please, it is an honest please - let us not wait for that day but take steps today itself in the right direction to make a better tomorrow. Please!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa - Song Lyrics

One more of my favorite Sahaja Yoga bhajan... :-))

Jai Jai Maa......Jai Jai Maa......Jai Jai Maa.......Jai Jai Maa....
Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa....(2)

Mein aat prahar mahima gaauu
Tere sumiran se sukh paau
He param sukhdaayi, phaldaayi He Maa, Hey Maa

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa....(2)

Tu dhivyjyot, tu sukhkharakh
Tu bhaktjano ki uddharakh
Bhavsagar mein sab ki dhaarak
Tu swayam shakti, shaktidhaarak

Mein divas rein tujko dhyaayu
Tere sumiran se sukh paau
He param sukhdaayi, phaldaayi He Maa, Hey Maa

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa....(2)

Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...(2)

Tu bhavpreeta, anandmayi
Tu ranachandi, tu kaalajayi
Har yug mein... tere roop kayi
Har puja mein tu lage nayi

Mann apna tuj tak lee jaau
Tere sumiran se sukh paau
He param sukhdaayi, phaldaayi He Maa, Hey Maa

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa...(2)

Tu Shiv dooti, tu Mahabala
Durjan pe teraa vaar chala
Sajjan ka tune kiya bhala
Har pal tera aashish bhala

Tujmein ramkar mein tar jaau
Tere sumiran se sukh paau
He param sukhdaayi, phaldaayi He Maa, Hey Maa

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa...

Mein aat prahar mahima gaauu
Tere sumiran se sukh paau
He param sukhdaayi, phaldaayi He Maa, Hey Maa

Jagat Janani Jagadambike He Maa...Hey Maa....(2)
Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...(2)
Jai Jai Maa...Jai Maa...Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa (2)
Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...Jai Jai Maa...

Friday, April 08, 2016

Goodness multiplied by WhatsApp!

Recently, myself got into the WhatsApp bandwagon and I must say it has been a good ride so far!

There are different types of messages that float on WhatsApp but the ones preferred by me are the motivational stories. Also there are a few disturbing videos that are posted :-( which really terrify me, making me wonder how come people were patiently taking the video instead of helping the person / animal being tortured :-O (even though in some cases it is a CCTV footage).

Anyways, besides that, there are so many motivational little stories on WhatsApp which really make us introspect and also help cheer up our day...

There messages start with the usual Good Morning messages, which comes with a quote or proverb to help us keep chugging through the day with positive hope!

The first category of messages are the highly inspiring messages like the recent one on the Carbon negative country Bhutan and how they were able to achieve it! Also a lot of inspirational TED talks and other videos which we wouldn't have the time to go searching for on the net.

Also there are the motivational stories which try to find a positive moral on the old epics and mythology like stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and so on. People are getting to know of the treasure trove of knowledge hidden in our epics thanks to WhatsApp!

Then there are the pictures which tell us how to make our day better by eating right or by drinking that glass of warm lemon juice or by staying off that glass of wine! Also lot of reminders about how to exercise by sitting at your desk and how to avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon :-)

Few other messages fall into the family and societal category where they tell us how and why we should respect our elders and how we should treat our children. Also the messages about how we should be environmental conscious and reduce wastage from our daily lives.

Also some messages are of the hit-hard-under-the-belt type of messages / videos which show how we are consuming food laced with chemicals or how our small careless actions like keeping a cell phone near our ears while we go to sleep can endanger us.

Then there are the calming and soothing messages which tell us the reason why meditation is good for us and why we should meditate to calm ourselves and for world peace!

Hopefully, these small WhatsApp capsules are bringing in small changes somewhere in the mindsets of people and hopefully make them better by helping them change their lifestyles in a positive way and value what is most important in their lives and have a sense of gratitude towards all that is LIFE!


Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lessons learnt from Chennai flood 2015

Chennai and surrounding parts plus Pondy and Cuddalore were lashed with floods over the past few a Yogini it gave me lot of time to introspect as well as are some sketches about the events which transpired at our home...

There was a collective of around 12-15 Yogis staying at our place during this difficult time. We all realized one thing which is the power of the divine plus the power of collective.Whenever we sat for meditation and requested our Mother, it would stop raining. But our prayers had to be really sincere and on behalf of all the innocent and suffering people of TN and Pondy.

One day we recited 12 names of Shri Surya devata mantras and the heavy rains stopped and the sun started shining even though it was for just 15 mins.

Also last whole week we were just meditating and we didn't have much else to do also due to no power, net, phones it really was an intensive seminar which really improved our state. We also did morning and evening Aarti (evening compulsory) collectively. We were also doing 4 petal meditation to please our elder brother Shri Ganesha. In addition we were reciting Shri Devi Kavach and other needed mantras to clear.

At the same time we were all the time feeling eternally blessed and grateful to our Mother for giving us fresh and hot food, a great collective and a cozy place to stay even in such extreme conditions. Thank you a million times Mother! But at the same time we were aware of the gravity of the situation and were sincerely meditating and trying to be connected at all times. We didn't have any fear in our hearts but just a humble plea to our Mother to forgive all of us and all people of TN and Pondicherry for any transgressions committed against the great Goddess and against Mother Nature.

Also we felt a bit guilty that we are just sitting comfortably at home while thousands of people are going out and helping others. But then as Shiva bhaiyya said, we were a privileged bunch who had been given the highest responsibility of meditating and requesting the Divine to stop the onslaught of the rain; bread and biscuit packets can be given by anyone! This was really a great eye-opener for us!

Also Simiji and myself realised that as Gruhalaxmis we should do some things on a consistent basis like doing a small Ganesha Puja in the morning, Aarti in the evening, meditating whenever we get a chance and keep our state constantly up. This is very essential to improve the vibrations of the home as well as the whole collective. We also decided that we should regularly meet in each others homes collectively and do regular pujas. Also Yoginis should become more active and participate in lot of public programs even if Yogis are busy with office work. 

This flood was definitely a wake-up call to me and hopefully to all Yogis across TN and Pondy...these are just few points which I felt...please add the lessons learnt by you also over the past few weeks and we can also learn from it...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Types of drivers...

I have the luxury of choosing not to drive (plus the fact that I am dead scared of driving thanks to drivers like the one I will describe below) and I travel frequently by taxis and auto rickshaws in the city of Chennai. Sitting behind the driver, gives me the opportunity to notice the various driving characteristics of the drivers...this article may turn out to be a complete time pass or give a deep insight into human psychology...whatever!!! :-)

Driver Type #1: Mr. No-Accident Anbumani

This type of driver is more common among auto rickshaws where the driver is hell bent on bumping into another vandi (vehicle in Tamil). But the only reason he does not is because he is completely protected by the supreme power above. So no matter how hard he tries, however rash he drives his vehicle, he and his auto miraculously escape each and every time thanks to his previous births good tidings. But Mr. Anbumani will also ensure that you are definitely praying to the Lord each and every minute you spend in the back seat; so they are actually doing a huge favor to God since human beings today do not spare time to remember God. Also the folks who drive beside him should have started from home by showing their gratitude to all their fore-fathers, ancestors and all the 35 crore Gods if they have to get past without a scratch. Thanks to all this pious work, he has a confirmed seat in the front row of Heaven. And may I warn you, your heart will be in your throat for most part of this adventurous ride!

Driver Type #2: Mr. Accident-prone Senthil

This type of driver is one who is probably a bit new to driving and his lack of experience shows. He has no intention of bumping into anybody else, he just wants to keep to himself but somehow that seems to be impossible. No matter how hard he tries, he will end up braking suddenly to prevent his vandi from bumping into another one. He seems to be a bit jittery while driving and that greatly impacts his on-road alertness. So if you are sitting in this auto, then be wary of sudden brakes and jerky driving and also the occasional bump intos!

Driver Type # 3: Mr. Pothole Pandian

This auto driver will ensure that he never misses a single hump or pothole on the great Indian road. He has to pay his salutation to each and every one of them with the wheels of his vandi. Even if he misses one, he will take a reverse or U-turn, go back and then bump! Sounds like an exaggeration..? Believe me, you can never trust what this person will do next! Actually he is doing a great social service by opening the customers eyes to the sorry state of Indian roads and through his actions, he sincerely believes that he can bring some radical change. He dreams that one day all of India's roads will be pothole-free and until that day he will not rest. He believes in the adage - A journey of a thousand sleek roads begins with bumping over a single pothole! Also this auto can double up as a free maternity ward where delivery can be done for pregnant ladies minus the hassle of doctor and hospital fees. So if you are ready for the risk involved, then go for the ride!

Pregnant ladies disclaimer - Please take a helper along just in case!!!

Driver Type #4: Mr. Running-commentary Saravanan

This driver will give commentary on anything and everything happening on the road as we go along. Also he may update you on the latest news items like strike, political scam, and more. This is more common among the auto rickshaw drivers whose eyes are not peeled on to the road but on the incidents happenings on the left or right side of the vandi. Also if accidentally another vehicle or pedestrian cross their path, then the commentary will shift to them on how carelessly these days drivers drive or how lost pedestrians are in their thoughts while they are walking on the road. You will have no dearth of entertainment with Mr. Saravanan.

Driver Type #5: Mr. RJ Rahman

This driver would like to entertain you to the hilt . He will keep switching between Suryan FM, Radio Mirchi, Chennai FM, Aahaa FM and all other radio stations with peak volume playing 'Kutthu' (A Tamil dance song type) songs. While getting off you will either have a headache or a good workout for our head and neck regions. This type of cab driver is generally not chummy to the mood of the customer - he is the RJ of the club sorry cab and he sets the mood - so baby, get on with the groove or get lost!

Driver Type #6: Mr. Mukku Murugan

This type of driver is most common amongst autos who will agree to a particular fare and once they realize that the destination is slightly further than what they imagined, they travel the rest of the way cursing and braking the auto. All this extra build-up is it just make you feel guilty so that you will shell out some extra dough for the seemingly extra-long-distance-which-you-didn't-make-clear-while-discussing-the-rates-at-the-beginning-of-the-trip - Duh! He will stop and curse under his breath so much that by the end of the extra 20 - 30 m you just throw the extra money on him and leave!

Driver Type #7: Mr. Decent-gentleman Kumar

This driver is the best and you will get such a driver only if you have completed your prayers for the morning and also your prayers have reached the Lord. This driver will not even open his mouth and will have the most smooth driving skills you have ever seen. He will just pick you up from Point A and drop you at Point B SAFELY. This driver is a darling especially after having a heated argument with your boss or spouse and you just want to get away and you are looking for some calm and quiet while reaching your destination. You can also peacefully meditate and channel into your inner oasis of calm while traveling in this cab (usually this type of driver is a rare species with Autos).

I think I have covered the major 7 categories of drivers, there might still be a few categories I must have missed, but I have had the ultimate honor of traveling with mostly the above ones. Please add if you have had the esteem of traveling with any other kind of driver too. Just for fun! ;-)

Note: I have had more auto travel experience in Chennai and hence have used most common Tamil names for the auto drivers. Please forgive if I have unintentionally hurt the sentiments of other drivers with different name categories!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vaitarna - in the middle of serene tranquility...

A week long visit to Vaitarna near Mumbai was really relaxing and rejuvenating for me. This is a quaint Sahaja Yoga music academy established in the middle of nowhere far away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai city, located about 200 kms from the Mumbai airport.

When I stayed there I made a couple of paintings which turned out to be really good, if I may the liberty to say so myself! Also, I practiced a dance routine for the song - Anyatha Sharanam Nasthi which is one of my favorite bhajans for the Chennai seminar which was scheduled at the end of May month. It turns out that my performance was well-received and the only reason I could think of was the dedicated time I could devote to the practice at Vaitarna, which would have been literally impossible back in Chennai.

This music academy was established by Baba Mama around 10 years ago. Baba Mama who is the younger brother of Shri Mataji was a really established Yogi who has made tremendous contributions to Sahaja Yoga growth and establishment.

Currently the academy is not in a very good shape owing to poor maintenance and this really pained me a lot. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future by the ever-flowing grace of our Mother. I also got to meet really deep and dedicated Yogis who were ardently practicing music at the crack of dawn everyday without a day's lapse. This was also a great inspiration for me. All in all, the Vaitarna is a temple of the fine arts like music, painting and dance which is very essential to establish a Yogi deeply in Sahaja Yoga. The tranquility in Vaitarna makes it that much more easier to find your inner hidden Yogi. :-) Thank you very much Shri Mataji for giving us such a wonderful place to express our creativity.

Where is Science and Technology heading to...?

I was very shocked and aghast to see some news in the last couple of weeks in the paper...I think it is even difficult to imagine how the state of affairs would be in the next couple of decades with people going all amok with technology.

News Item #1: 3-D printing technology is a reality and there is a guy already printing 3-D gun parts and using them!

News Item #2: Technology to control the mind of mice by a human has been successfully tested!

News Item #3: A burger with beef grown under artificial lab conditions was distributed among the public. Only problem with it was it lacked the taste of fat!

Now imagine the resultant version of the above news that would read in the near or far future...

News Item #1: Terrorism at its peak among teenagers - Teenagers printing guns causing havoc in universities

News Item #2: Whose in your mind? - Military use of mind control technology becoming a reality, do we have a Manchurian candidate who will be elected as our next President?

News Item #3: Lab grown beef and chicken patties are all the rage - A BIG question mark on the future of the large cattle and chicken population in various farms

I know that all of the above future news items tend to lean more on the negative side; but in predicting the human race it is always better to err on the side of caution and stick to the behavior that is most expected of them! And this is exactly what will happen if we continue to develop science or any field in a lateral manner without any boundaries. The limits have to be defined inherently and this knowledge will come only if as a human being we are connected to our roots. What better way to connect to our roots that realizing the pure energy within us which has been sleeping for eons. If you want to awaken this energy and connect to your roots, try Sahaja Yoga. This technique, I sincerely believe can only save mankind of destruction from its own hands.