Saturday, May 06, 2017

100 more years left to escape Earth....

...says the English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. How unfortunate! How unfortunate for all the Earthlings....I came across this news when I was contemplating about the same....How will we survive in this world if we continue with our greedy way...?

Are human beings naturally always trying to bring their destruction upon themselves? Is this something which is in-built in our genes? Are we so bad that one BIG OL' EARTH is not sufficient for us and we have to find other planets to pillage?

When will human being come out of their illusory shells and see the disaster that he is creating. True, we have gained victory over many life threatening epidemics but can any planet bear the brunt of our growing population? True, we have advanced in science and technology, but can we reverse the effects that this so-called science and tech is having on our environment?

Is it right for man to just think about himself, his family, his family tree alone - keep storing away all the wealth and riches for his kith and kin? How much will Mother Earth have left to continue this 'me, mine, myself' behavior? How much has Mother Earth already lost due to this behavior. How long will we mindlessly go on punching holes into Mother Earth with our modern excavators trying to dig out all her riches? Is it ever going to be enough. Why is the human mind so competitive? When are we going to change this culture to one of sharing and caring instead of grabbing and storing?

Let us for a second think about the future of our children and see what are we going to leave behind at this rate? We may just have to leave behind boats - seeing the rate of global warming that is. Maybe science and technology will advance so rapidly that it would become possible for people to colonize the Moon or other planets. But let us just step back and think for a second; are we sacrificing Mother Earth and all that is good at the threshold of advancements in AI and Space Travel? The nature of man which is competitive is like a demon with a stomach that is bottomless. No matter how much you feed this demon, it will not be satisfied.

Today, there we have advanced, highly luxurious, high-speed cars, but the traffic doesn't move an inch on the road! Today, we have too many options for entertainment, but too little joy derived out of it. Today, we have a lot of privacy but too little to share. Today, we have too much sex and very little real love. Today we are spending all our wealth on hi-tech gadgets, hi-tech hospitals and hi-tech security systems. Who are we protecting ourselves from? Who are we running away from? Why are we drowning ourselves in alcohol and drugs? Is this the only way we know to spend our hard-earned money? Ego begets ego...and anything achieved with ego will end up a circle of it own destruction.

Too many questions, but very few answers. Man has to stop this race to kill himself and step back. Take a deep breath and question the rationale behind the decisions made. Are we going to create a world of zombies by transplanting the head of one person onto the body of another? Time is ticking and it is not sufficient if a handful of people become aware and start living a 'normal' life. It is time now for governments to wake up, for countries to wake up and strive to make efforts in the right direction. Just one Bhutan will not do in the world! All countries have to arise and awake and contribute. The change has to begin at all levels - economic, environmental, spiritual. Either this or all nations have to wait for the ticking bomb to explode to awaken their true brotherhood and respect for Mother Earth. Please, it is an honest please - let us not wait for that day but take steps today itself in the right direction to make a better tomorrow. Please!!!

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