Sunday, November 29, 2009

Story of a chanticleer!

For those of you not familiar with the term 'chaticleer' it means 'cock or rooster' :-) I just learnt a new word too...

Some of you may already know this little tale but I wanted to put it down to demonstrate the power of 'witness'. Witness is a state where we do not react to anything that happens around us either positive or negative. But it doesn't mean that we do not help those in case of any emergency say an accident. It just means that we are always looking at an issue from a third person angle. The advantage of doing that is it helps us get out of the 'box' or problem per se and view it with complete detachment which in turn will lead to more creative solutions which will be most optimal from all perspectives. Enough of the let's get on with the story...

There was once a great king in the land of your imagination...he once wanted to organize a chanticleer fight and wanted to see who will rear a chanticleer well enough to make it win. So he donated one chanticleer to every one in his kingdom. So after a few months the competition to see which cock wins was arranged. So all the cocks were put into the fight arena. While all the other cocks were furiously fighting away there was one cock who just stood there unperturbed by all the mayhem surrounding him. All the other cocks saw this cock and thought that this cock must be possessing special powers and hence he is standing there right in the middle without any fear. So as a result none of the other cocks disturbed this one standing in the middle and in the end all the cocks died fighting while this cock was left standing alone. The king asked the great sage who had reared the cock the secret behind it. The sage told him that he only taught the cock to meditate and as a result of that its witness state had improved so much that he couldn't be perturbed by anything. So the king realized the power of the witness state and also realized that meditation is the only way to achieve that state...

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are eager to meditate now then please click here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My muse...

I have always admired Sudha Murthy for all that she personifies...and I have always desired to be like her...a complete woman from all perspectives. Hence I am dedicating this post to her. She is one of my most favorite person in the world, an ideal Mom, an ideal Technologist, a notable Author, a Charitable person, a Simple person, a Balanced person to the core and above all an Ideal Woman who encompasses all of the best qualities that a human being should possess.

The society in which we live today demands more and more people with character like her. I think if each and every woman today focuses on being atleast 10% of Sudha Murthy then we can all change the society radically, which in itself would be such a great thing to achieve.

Many of you might have already read a lot of inspiring little stories about her like how she wrote a letter to JRD Tata to voice her opinion against the unjust discretion of women, the sacrifices she made to enable her husband Narayan Murthy to start Infosys, her simple style of living, her enormous charitable efforts and so on. But in this post I would like to point out another side of her which is very inherent and may not be very obvious to all at first.

She is basically a doer. There are a lot of people today who do nothing but just give 'empty talk'. But she is a person who is very soft-spoken but at the same time gets a lot of things done. This can only be done by a person who is deeply spiritual and downright humble. Those are the characteristics which distinguish Sudha Murthy from the other 'rich and famous' high fliers of today. These are the qualities which enable her to contribute so much to society without feeling 'proud' about it. I read in one of her book 'How I Taught my Grandmother to Read' that her ideologies are influenced by many people she has met in her journey of life. She is a humble learner as she learns a lesson out of every experience, every person she meets in her life. This is what makes her a truly outstanding personality.

Unfortunately, today we can find a lot of people talking about stuff just to satisfy their ego by dominating a conversations, a lot of people doing charity just to appear in Page 3 of the newspaper, a lot of people learning technology just to get the next promotion and show-off, a lot of people leading a simple life just to get written about...hmmmph....humility like hers is definitely a rare-gem nowadays!!!

In order to be more like her, we need to develop our spiritual side and learn to be humble. These qualities will help us rise beyond normal mortals and will enable us to make valuable contributions to the society. It is high time now since our society today needs great people and each one of us have the innate ability to make a difference. All of us already have it within us...we just need to look a little harder for it!

We can all make a difference and we should!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Ganeshas

Just came across this beautiful blog... :-)
Love it, love it, just love it!

Thanks so much!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

He recently turned 6 mos... :-)

This blog is dedicated to my son...a very cute little boy...who recently turned 6 mos...I wanted to chronicle some of the significant events which I remember (when I wasn't sleep deprived and delirious.. ;-)) over these past few months...hopefully my son will read this some day...

When he was born, frankly I didn't feel an immediate emotional bonding with him as much as my husband did...he did feel strange from a different world even though I carried him around for close to 10 months...but the love story between me and my son started slowly but steadily....I was really amazed at how well my hubby connected with him...he was the perfect Dad! So I did feel a tinge of insecurity...would I be able to connect the same way with him...?

As the days went by, there was no room for any kind of doubt...I just connected and bonded so well with him...all thanks to him...he is such a good son, even though he was just a newborn he didn't trouble me at was as if he knew all the things happening with me...he would not cry or shriek even if he was hungry...only if we was terribbllllyyy hungry..yes...I must say, I am probably a lucky Mom...or I suppose all babies are like this...since they are all gifts sent from heaven above... :-)

He started sleeping through the night just as he turned 3 months which was another great blessing...when he started looking into my eyes at around the same time, it was just pure poetry...he told me so much with just one glance of his...the joy can't be described with words...

He always shows so much respect to me...he is so well-behaved, so well-mannered...and he is just a baby! As a mother, I do expect him to grow up to be a good son with all the lofty values like honesty, sincerity, patriotism instilled in him...but again, this is the age where parents don't expect from their offspring but I think I will prefer to expect and try to instill all those higher values in him rather than not expect and doing nothing about it...I expect my son to shine in whatever walk of life he chooses for himself...because he is such a cute little angel...

The joy which he expresses with a twinkle in his eyes and with his smile when he sees something which I can't describe but I suppose every mother feels the same way when they see their children...all the tiny, precious things he does like wake up in the morning and wait for me to get up instead of crying, laugh a merry laugh for any silly things I do even though they are not funny ;-), wait for me patiently when I am busy working on something, be uncomfy with his wet diaper (which I forgot to change) but still smile a beautiful smile at me, gaze into my eyes and narrate an entire fairy-tale, enjoy my company like nobody else ever has or can, share the feeling of warmth which only we two can share, tell little secrets with his naughty smile, cling on to me like I am his heavenly angel, make me feel like a queen and the rest like second-class citizens :-D

I was very worried when the wicked flu visited him when he was around 5 mos old but he weathered that storm like a brave warrior...the wavelength that we share is so amazing, it is just like everybody describes...2 bodies 1 soul...when he is with me he is fearless, he is secure, he is joyful, he just knows that I am there for him...I am just a normal Mom but he makes me feel like I am a super being one with all powers...atleast I know that I am blessed with the power to comfort him, make him laugh, make him secure...

He has also worked so many miracles even without us realizing, he made me and his daddy come closer like never before, he taught me to be more patient and enduring, he made me see the joy in the smallest of tiniest of little things, he showed me that joy is hidden even in the most mundane of things, helped me experience the real joy in giving...

He is now growing up to be a sweet little he does more of his small naughty things like pull my hair, keep tugging at my wedding necklace (which I feel is his way of virtually playing with Daddy), flip and do a caterpillar scoot to move around, imitate me and others, dance in his own style when I dance for him...he has also started babbling...his first word 'Amma' :-) which again is meant to make me feel special...I guess all babies are programmed to make the Mom feel special for all the efforts put forth by her... :-P

But this blog is about my son and he is one special little guy...I hope and pray that the angels continue to bless him with all noteworthy qualities and that he will grow up to be a great man someday! Here's to a mom wishing for her wonderful son!

Thank you son for making me complete...I didn't realize what I was missing until I had you!

Thanks so much Lord!