Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My muse...

I have always admired Sudha Murthy for all that she personifies...and I have always desired to be like her...a complete woman from all perspectives. Hence I am dedicating this post to her. She is one of my most favorite person in the world, an ideal Mom, an ideal Technologist, a notable Author, a Charitable person, a Simple person, a Balanced person to the core and above all an Ideal Woman who encompasses all of the best qualities that a human being should possess.

The society in which we live today demands more and more people with character like her. I think if each and every woman today focuses on being atleast 10% of Sudha Murthy then we can all change the society radically, which in itself would be such a great thing to achieve.

Many of you might have already read a lot of inspiring little stories about her like how she wrote a letter to JRD Tata to voice her opinion against the unjust discretion of women, the sacrifices she made to enable her husband Narayan Murthy to start Infosys, her simple style of living, her enormous charitable efforts and so on. But in this post I would like to point out another side of her which is very inherent and may not be very obvious to all at first.

She is basically a doer. There are a lot of people today who do nothing but just give 'empty talk'. But she is a person who is very soft-spoken but at the same time gets a lot of things done. This can only be done by a person who is deeply spiritual and downright humble. Those are the characteristics which distinguish Sudha Murthy from the other 'rich and famous' high fliers of today. These are the qualities which enable her to contribute so much to society without feeling 'proud' about it. I read in one of her book 'How I Taught my Grandmother to Read' that her ideologies are influenced by many people she has met in her journey of life. She is a humble learner as she learns a lesson out of every experience, every person she meets in her life. This is what makes her a truly outstanding personality.

Unfortunately, today we can find a lot of people talking about stuff just to satisfy their ego by dominating a conversations, a lot of people doing charity just to appear in Page 3 of the newspaper, a lot of people learning technology just to get the next promotion and show-off, a lot of people leading a simple life just to get written about...hmmmph....humility like hers is definitely a rare-gem nowadays!!!

In order to be more like her, we need to develop our spiritual side and learn to be humble. These qualities will help us rise beyond normal mortals and will enable us to make valuable contributions to the society. It is high time now since our society today needs great people and each one of us have the innate ability to make a difference. All of us already have it within us...we just need to look a little harder for it!

We can all make a difference and we should!

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