Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nirmal Rachna...

A Hindi poem about my beloved Guru Shri Mataji...

Maa, jab aap apni singhaasan pey viraajey
Ye dharthi ke sakal ansh tab mahek mahek utjaaye
Ganesha ka aagaman sab mein tab hojaaye

Maa, jab aap piroye pyaar key naazuk dhaagey
Ye brahmaand mein uthe shuddh iccha ke angaarey
Brahmaji tab honge jaagey

Maa, jab aap chakhlo apne bhaktho ke haathon se ek nivaala
Is dharthi par chaa jaaye harey rang ki maala
Lakshmi tab hamare jeevan mein padhaarey 

Maa, jab aapke dil mein pyaar aaye kisi jeev pe
Ye vishw ke ghanghor andherey rahenge doori pe
Durga ki shakthi ka ek jhonkha bas jaaye dil mein

Maa, jab app gaaye madhur sa ek swar
Is bhoomi ka har jeev bas jaaye viraat par
Krishna ki leela ho jaaye bhaktho mein tatpar

Maa, jab aap jhaankhen humaare aankhon ki geharaayiyon mein
Sakal jeev ke paap mitjaaye is kiran mein
Phir se Yesu ka punaruthaan ho is bhoomandal mein

Maa, jahaan aap chaley sang sang bahathi hai chaitanya ki lehre
Ye pruthvi ke jeevo ka hojaaye uthaan is shakthi ke sahaarey
Shivji ke tatw se ho poora Yog hamaare

Dhanya ho Maa, dhanya ho Maa, dhanya ho Maa

Jai Shri Mataji!

How my conversation with God changed...

...over the span of a 30 minutes early morning meditation (around 4:00 am to be precise) crossed 3 stages...just like that :-)

Stage 1: God, people in Chennai and rest of Tamil Nadu desperately need rain. It is already June and still no sign of any rainfall. The heat is killing. Please God, please help us!

This was the request stage.

Stage 2: God, you already know about what I am requesting. I am not telling you something that you do not know about. You also know how people are suffering due to this heat. I know we mortals are responsible for things like Global warming and we are guilty of being self-centered and all that. But please forgive us for all our mistakes and give us the much needed showers at the earliest (again a request-cum-command of sorts!) and help your suffering children.

This was the realization stage.

Stage 3: God, you know what we need best. You know the precise timing of when you will be sending us the rain. You are the ultimate authority. We are all your children, so I surrender this issue to you and request you to give everybody the patience and strength to bear this terrible heat.

This was the surrender stage...

After that, absolute peace and meditation in silence!

The most miraculous coincidence was that I came across the below story the next day after my above experience...

Mam Baihaqi has stated on the authority of Hadhrat Ali (ra) who stated: "Once, I was present with the Prophet (peace be upon him). At that time, I had fallen so much sick that I prayed to Allah Almighty to grant me death if I am destined to die so that I may get relief from the sickness, otherwise, I may be restored to normal health from the sickness if I have to live for sometime. I, also, prayed for being granted patience if this sickness is a test for me from Allah Almighty." Hearing that, the Prophet beat Ali with his foot and observed: "Oh Ali! repeat what you were saying." Ali (ra) repeated his prayer. Then the Prophet prayed to Allah Almighty: "O Allah! Heal him from the sickness." Ali (ra) stated that he became healthy the same day and the pain never appeared again.

Source: From the book "The Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad" by Shaikh Ahmed Saeed Dehalvi.

This story goes to show that we really do not have to ask God of anything...he knows what we need and will definitely take care of it, given that we are in connection with him..! At the same time it doesn't mean that we shouldn't pray, we should and that is the only way our channel to God will be maintained. But nowadays it seems people are more busy 'predicting' if the monsoon will arrive or not arrive or how much will arrive. So people, I think it is time to put aside the predicting and do some praying instead and witness God's power.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Majestic Silence...

We had been to Munnar (Kerala) a couple of weeks ago and boy, I must say this - Kerala - God's own country! The breathtaking sceneries out there just filled our heart with silent joy. There are no words to express the scintillating beauty of the place, so majestic, so serene, so mystical, so superlatives-transcending. Now I know the real reason behind why people used to escape to hilly / mountainous places for achieving their spirtual enlightenment. It seems like God really took his time in sketching this marvellous place on his drawing board and I bet he must have been in a really glorious mood.

Look hard and maybe you can see a dignified elephant...

There is just no end to the wondrous marvel of God's creation that enraptures you here. Here you can see the beauty of a misty mountain, just tilt your head a bit and you can catch a glimpse of a serenading waterfall, just around the corner you see a forest full of cardomom plantations and you just turn around a little bit more to see endless vast stretches of tea plantations...Wow! Come see the blue in the grass...a very apt statement that applies to Munnar. It is just endless, glorious views of God's creation which can satiate your inner spiritual being and make you feel connected with the greater power. Here you feel the presence of our creator; anyone can become a saint in this place.

Bountiful Tea plantations

When we entered Kerala border we were immediately welcomed with an elephant trio happily trotting away in the wild followed by a couple of really naughty monkeys who had a gala time jumping on our van. We also stayed at a resort which was just amazing in terms of hospitality and delicious food. I believe the owners of the resort were so besotted by Munnar when they first visited here that they decided to make it their home. I can believe that story without any iota of doubt. We also saw a field right in the middle of the valley with boys playing cricket...that's right...amidst all the hills. They were one lucky bunch of boys!

A beautiful waterfall amidst the lush green hills

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

View from our resort room

We had been there for just two 'very short' days and we had to get back. My heart was very heavy the day we were starting back from Munnar and I hoped and prayed that we would come back soon albeit with the intention of staying longer.

Matupetty Dam - A breathtaking view

All photos courtesy my dear husband.