Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vaitarna - in the middle of serene tranquility...

A week long visit to Vaitarna near Mumbai was really relaxing and rejuvenating for me. This is a quaint Sahaja Yoga music academy established in the middle of nowhere far away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai city, located about 200 kms from the Mumbai airport.

When I stayed there I made a couple of paintings which turned out to be really good, if I may the liberty to say so myself! Also, I practiced a dance routine for the song - Anyatha Sharanam Nasthi which is one of my favorite bhajans for the Chennai seminar which was scheduled at the end of May month. It turns out that my performance was well-received and the only reason I could think of was the dedicated time I could devote to the practice at Vaitarna, which would have been literally impossible back in Chennai.

This music academy was established by Baba Mama around 10 years ago. Baba Mama who is the younger brother of Shri Mataji was a really established Yogi who has made tremendous contributions to Sahaja Yoga growth and establishment.

Currently the academy is not in a very good shape owing to poor maintenance and this really pained me a lot. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future by the ever-flowing grace of our Mother. I also got to meet really deep and dedicated Yogis who were ardently practicing music at the crack of dawn everyday without a day's lapse. This was also a great inspiration for me. All in all, the Vaitarna is a temple of the fine arts like music, painting and dance which is very essential to establish a Yogi deeply in Sahaja Yoga. The tranquility in Vaitarna makes it that much more easier to find your inner hidden Yogi. :-) Thank you very much Shri Mataji for giving us such a wonderful place to express our creativity.

Where is Science and Technology heading to...?

I was very shocked and aghast to see some news in the last couple of weeks in the paper...I think it is even difficult to imagine how the state of affairs would be in the next couple of decades with people going all amok with technology.

News Item #1: 3-D printing technology is a reality and there is a guy already printing 3-D gun parts and using them!

News Item #2: Technology to control the mind of mice by a human has been successfully tested!

News Item #3: A burger with beef grown under artificial lab conditions was distributed among the public. Only problem with it was it lacked the taste of fat!

Now imagine the resultant version of the above news that would read in the near or far future...

News Item #1: Terrorism at its peak among teenagers - Teenagers printing guns causing havoc in universities

News Item #2: Whose in your mind? - Military use of mind control technology becoming a reality, do we have a Manchurian candidate who will be elected as our next President?

News Item #3: Lab grown beef and chicken patties are all the rage - A BIG question mark on the future of the large cattle and chicken population in various farms

I know that all of the above future news items tend to lean more on the negative side; but in predicting the human race it is always better to err on the side of caution and stick to the behavior that is most expected of them! And this is exactly what will happen if we continue to develop science or any field in a lateral manner without any boundaries. The limits have to be defined inherently and this knowledge will come only if as a human being we are connected to our roots. What better way to connect to our roots that realizing the pure energy within us which has been sleeping for eons. If you want to awaken this energy and connect to your roots, try Sahaja Yoga. This technique, I sincerely believe can only save mankind of destruction from its own hands.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

An Ad for a VERY, VERY Special Technique... :-)

The following is an ad for a special technique...I am no Marketing person but I just can't resist publicizing about this since I have tried it and it is real goooooddddddd...believe me and all claims it makes are 100% here goes the script for the print ad...

Are you still stuck at the bottom of the Maslow's hierarchy...?

Are you looking for solutions to your emotional, mental and physical problems...?

Are medications taking a toll on you...? Is all your savings going to the doctors?

Are you unable to sleep at night...? Is peace of mind a distant dream for you...?

Is running the daily grind getting to you...?

Are you still part of rat race and going nowhere in particular...?

Are you tired of your dominating boss, nagging spouse, fussy children, overbearing parents...?

Are you tired of trying to hook yourself into a relationship...? Are you tired of the superficial people you meet out there...?

Are you waiting for that magic moment of your life...?

Are you tired of reading the same old newspaper with the same old news about violent, corruption, scams, riots and hatred?

Do you get worried reading news about a student opening fire in school and expect something like that to happen on your way to work...?

Are you tired of the criminal politicians, corrupt bueraucrats, bribe-hungry law personnel and the friendly neighborhood Milkman who mixes water in the milk...?

Do you want to find solutions to all your nation's problems, but dont know where to start...?

Do you want to take our great nation with an outstanding history back to its heyday?

Do you want to influence all the negative people you encounter in a positive way?

Are you worried about where the planet is headed with all the global warming and other ecological problems?

Do you lose sleep over problems affecting our world like terrorism, financial crisis, arms trade, poverty, racism, military spending, child labor, oil problem and so on...

Do you feel like tearing your hair out when you read the murkier things which gets churned out of wiki leaks?

Do you watch sci-fi movies and get worried about the state of affairs to come to our dear Mother Earth in the near future?

Do you want real solutions to all the above problems...???

There is just one simple solution to all these problems and YES, make sure you hear me is 100% FREE!!!


Yes, that's true...and the solution lies within each one of us waiting to be tapped and awakened through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Yes, Sahaja Yoga meditation is the one and only solution in today's materialistic, money-hungry world. Sahaja Yoga provides a different perspective about all our current day problems and gives us unique and simple solutions which really work!

So what are you waiting for...there are many problems to be solved in the world today. So waste no more time and get on with Sahaja Yoga and let's make our world a better place, by solving one problem at a time.

Thank God for Sahaja Yoga!!!