Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where is Science and Technology heading to...?

I was very shocked and aghast to see some news in the last couple of weeks in the paper...I think it is even difficult to imagine how the state of affairs would be in the next couple of decades with people going all amok with technology.

News Item #1: 3-D printing technology is a reality and there is a guy already printing 3-D gun parts and using them!

News Item #2: Technology to control the mind of mice by a human has been successfully tested!

News Item #3: A burger with beef grown under artificial lab conditions was distributed among the public. Only problem with it was it lacked the taste of fat!

Now imagine the resultant version of the above news that would read in the near or far future...

News Item #1: Terrorism at its peak among teenagers - Teenagers printing guns causing havoc in universities

News Item #2: Whose in your mind? - Military use of mind control technology becoming a reality, do we have a Manchurian candidate who will be elected as our next President?

News Item #3: Lab grown beef and chicken patties are all the rage - A BIG question mark on the future of the large cattle and chicken population in various farms

I know that all of the above future news items tend to lean more on the negative side; but in predicting the human race it is always better to err on the side of caution and stick to the behavior that is most expected of them! And this is exactly what will happen if we continue to develop science or any field in a lateral manner without any boundaries. The limits have to be defined inherently and this knowledge will come only if as a human being we are connected to our roots. What better way to connect to our roots that realizing the pure energy within us which has been sleeping for eons. If you want to awaken this energy and connect to your roots, try Sahaja Yoga. This technique, I sincerely believe can only save mankind of destruction from its own hands.

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