Thursday, May 09, 2013

An Ad for a VERY, VERY Special Technique... :-)

The following is an ad for a special technique...I am no Marketing person but I just can't resist publicizing about this since I have tried it and it is real goooooddddddd...believe me and all claims it makes are 100% here goes the script for the print ad...

Are you still stuck at the bottom of the Maslow's hierarchy...?

Are you looking for solutions to your emotional, mental and physical problems...?

Are medications taking a toll on you...? Is all your savings going to the doctors?

Are you unable to sleep at night...? Is peace of mind a distant dream for you...?

Is running the daily grind getting to you...?

Are you still part of rat race and going nowhere in particular...?

Are you tired of your dominating boss, nagging spouse, fussy children, overbearing parents...?

Are you tired of trying to hook yourself into a relationship...? Are you tired of the superficial people you meet out there...?

Are you waiting for that magic moment of your life...?

Are you tired of reading the same old newspaper with the same old news about violent, corruption, scams, riots and hatred?

Do you get worried reading news about a student opening fire in school and expect something like that to happen on your way to work...?

Are you tired of the criminal politicians, corrupt bueraucrats, bribe-hungry law personnel and the friendly neighborhood Milkman who mixes water in the milk...?

Do you want to find solutions to all your nation's problems, but dont know where to start...?

Do you want to take our great nation with an outstanding history back to its heyday?

Do you want to influence all the negative people you encounter in a positive way?

Are you worried about where the planet is headed with all the global warming and other ecological problems?

Do you lose sleep over problems affecting our world like terrorism, financial crisis, arms trade, poverty, racism, military spending, child labor, oil problem and so on...

Do you feel like tearing your hair out when you read the murkier things which gets churned out of wiki leaks?

Do you watch sci-fi movies and get worried about the state of affairs to come to our dear Mother Earth in the near future?

Do you want real solutions to all the above problems...???

There is just one simple solution to all these problems and YES, make sure you hear me is 100% FREE!!!


Yes, that's true...and the solution lies within each one of us waiting to be tapped and awakened through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Yes, Sahaja Yoga meditation is the one and only solution in today's materialistic, money-hungry world. Sahaja Yoga provides a different perspective about all our current day problems and gives us unique and simple solutions which really work!

So what are you waiting for...there are many problems to be solved in the world today. So waste no more time and get on with Sahaja Yoga and let's make our world a better place, by solving one problem at a time.

Thank God for Sahaja Yoga!!!

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