Sunday, December 09, 2012

Inspired by København

Writing after a long gap...but I was inspired to write again thanks to my short visit to Copenhagen, Denmark - supposedly #9 in the list of Top 10 cities to live in the world as of now.

This was my first visit to a European country and I must say it was remarkably different from my previous US experience. For one, I found that the people here lead a very, very, very disciplined life. Also majority of the people here are very, very tall...! The other main aspect was that people here are very friendly and social as well which was very refreshing to see. I also happened to visit a rural area of Denmark, where they have a concept of community living where even today several families live together in one big place and support themselves by contributing all of their income earned to the community. These families also religiously practice organic farming and their belief in being 'environmentally-wise' is the common thread that binds them together. Very inspiring indeed.

Majority of the people here are very active and I could see a lot of people biking on the streets even though the outside temperature was hovering around 3 and 5 degree Celsius. I got to know that most people prefer to bike because:
1. The cost of buying a car is expensive and
2. People are environment conscious.

Also I didn't notice as many elevators in different apartment complexes and people mostly use the stairs. So I think these reasons could partly explain why it was difficult for me to find even one obese person out of at least 20-30 people! Also most of the people here hit the gym on a regular basis.

Also, as already mentioned almost all people here are really eco-friendly and that reflects in all of their everyday routine. I was really amazed to see how a whole nation can be so sensible and disciplined about their lifestyle habits including diet and exercise. And don't get me wrong, just because they are concerned about our environment doesn't mean they are technologically behind. No Sir! They have adopted modern technology in most of the areas but still stick to some of the older technologies in some areas like the heating systems in their apartments which seemed to be a bit archaic. It seemed like they still want to stick with some of it just for the sake of good ol' memories or maybe just because it is a more greener option!

One of the reasons that I felt personally why the people of Denmark are so conscious of all their habits is probably because each and everyone one of them realize that they have one nation which is a gift for them and they can't at any cost afford to 'pollute' it with human 'footprints'. I just wish people of all countries were as smart as the people of Denmark and learn to treasure their nations and not waste away the precious resources of their country and be more environment friendly. My sincere Hats-Off to the the Danish!

Now, time for me to go get my gym more delay on this one :-)

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