Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lessons learnt from Chennai flood 2015

Chennai and surrounding parts plus Pondy and Cuddalore were lashed with floods over the past few a Yogini it gave me lot of time to introspect as well as are some sketches about the events which transpired at our home...

There was a collective of around 12-15 Yogis staying at our place during this difficult time. We all realized one thing which is the power of the divine plus the power of collective.Whenever we sat for meditation and requested our Mother, it would stop raining. But our prayers had to be really sincere and on behalf of all the innocent and suffering people of TN and Pondy.

One day we recited 12 names of Shri Surya devata mantras and the heavy rains stopped and the sun started shining even though it was for just 15 mins.

Also last whole week we were just meditating and we didn't have much else to do also due to no power, net, phones it really was an intensive seminar which really improved our state. We also did morning and evening Aarti (evening compulsory) collectively. We were also doing 4 petal meditation to please our elder brother Shri Ganesha. In addition we were reciting Shri Devi Kavach and other needed mantras to clear.

At the same time we were all the time feeling eternally blessed and grateful to our Mother for giving us fresh and hot food, a great collective and a cozy place to stay even in such extreme conditions. Thank you a million times Mother! But at the same time we were aware of the gravity of the situation and were sincerely meditating and trying to be connected at all times. We didn't have any fear in our hearts but just a humble plea to our Mother to forgive all of us and all people of TN and Pondicherry for any transgressions committed against the great Goddess and against Mother Nature.

Also we felt a bit guilty that we are just sitting comfortably at home while thousands of people are going out and helping others. But then as Shiva bhaiyya said, we were a privileged bunch who had been given the highest responsibility of meditating and requesting the Divine to stop the onslaught of the rain; bread and biscuit packets can be given by anyone! This was really a great eye-opener for us!

Also Simiji and myself realised that as Gruhalaxmis we should do some things on a consistent basis like doing a small Ganesha Puja in the morning, Aarti in the evening, meditating whenever we get a chance and keep our state constantly up. This is very essential to improve the vibrations of the home as well as the whole collective. We also decided that we should regularly meet in each others homes collectively and do regular pujas. Also Yoginis should become more active and participate in lot of public programs even if Yogis are busy with office work. 

This flood was definitely a wake-up call to me and hopefully to all Yogis across TN and Pondy...these are just few points which I felt...please add the lessons learnt by you also over the past few weeks and we can also learn from it...

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