Friday, April 08, 2016

Goodness multiplied by WhatsApp!

Recently, myself got into the WhatsApp bandwagon and I must say it has been a good ride so far!

There are different types of messages that float on WhatsApp but the ones preferred by me are the motivational stories. Also there are a few disturbing videos that are posted :-( which really terrify me, making me wonder how come people were patiently taking the video instead of helping the person / animal being tortured :-O (even though in some cases it is a CCTV footage).

Anyways, besides that, there are so many motivational little stories on WhatsApp which really make us introspect and also help cheer up our day...

There messages start with the usual Good Morning messages, which comes with a quote or proverb to help us keep chugging through the day with positive hope!

The first category of messages are the highly inspiring messages like the recent one on the Carbon negative country Bhutan and how they were able to achieve it! Also a lot of inspirational TED talks and other videos which we wouldn't have the time to go searching for on the net.

Also there are the motivational stories which try to find a positive moral on the old epics and mythology like stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and so on. People are getting to know of the treasure trove of knowledge hidden in our epics thanks to WhatsApp!

Then there are the pictures which tell us how to make our day better by eating right or by drinking that glass of warm lemon juice or by staying off that glass of wine! Also lot of reminders about how to exercise by sitting at your desk and how to avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon :-)

Few other messages fall into the family and societal category where they tell us how and why we should respect our elders and how we should treat our children. Also the messages about how we should be environmental conscious and reduce wastage from our daily lives.

Also some messages are of the hit-hard-under-the-belt type of messages / videos which show how we are consuming food laced with chemicals or how our small careless actions like keeping a cell phone near our ears while we go to sleep can endanger us.

Then there are the calming and soothing messages which tell us the reason why meditation is good for us and why we should meditate to calm ourselves and for world peace!

Hopefully, these small WhatsApp capsules are bringing in small changes somewhere in the mindsets of people and hopefully make them better by helping them change their lifestyles in a positive way and value what is most important in their lives and have a sense of gratitude towards all that is LIFE!


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