Thursday, March 08, 2012

Found my Pillar of strength...

during my flight fraught with peril...yes, this is another post about my son :-)

I was reminded yesterday about our f(p)light from US to India in 2010 and decided to dedicate this post to that episode. It was quite an episode given the fact that everything which could even remotely go wrong went wrong during that journey. A list of our experience is listed below..phee...reading this I think you will feel happy that all your journeys in life until now have been sooooo, heavenly and hope it will always be so too!

TWWW (Things Which Went Wrong) # 1 - We had excess weight in almost all of our baggage's hence we had to pay a hefty fine...

TWWW # 2 - We missed our first connecting flight thanks to the delay caused in paying the fine amount. Luckily we didn't miss the International flight. Thank God!

TWWW # 3 - A brand new expensive thermos flask we had bought, slipped and broke into a million pieces at the airport waiting gate!

TWWW # 4 - The amount of hand baggage we were carrying was ....well indescribable!!!

TWWW # 5 - We didn't miss the first International flight but missed the second one due to TWWW # 1 :-( (we do end up paying for our past karmas one time or the other - that's a given!!!)

TWWW # 6 - Thanks to a well-meaning air hostess who took pity on our excess-hand-baggage situation, we inadvertently lost a cabin baggage which had all our important documents like college degree certificates, laptops, jewelry :-| (realized that sometimes good intentions don't always translate to good results!)

TWWW # 7 - Above all we had hardly slept for three whole days before our journey what with all the packing and cleaning of our rental apartment!

The only icing on this melting cake was that we didn't get stranded in Frankfurt airport else we would have been caught up in the Volcanic Ash incident and couldn't have reached India for atleast a week!!!

You must be wondering by now how this post is related to my son. Given the above facts you can imagine the state my husband and I must have been in. But oblivious to all the things happening around him my son was the 'coolest' guy one could ever find. He was so well-behaved, so cute, so 'non-troubling' that just looking at him made us realize that it is possible to maintain our cool even in the most trying of situations. He slept when he had to, he ate when he had to, he was so laid-back and was the most well-behaved gentleman around given the fact that he was just two days short of turning One year :-) I think he knew inherently that Mommy and Daddy were facing some sort of crisis and that he shouldn't add to their misery, he somehow just knew it! He was really a reflection of the divine power and somehow we looked up to him to handle the situation and also managed to come out of this sticky situation and landed safely in India and even found our lost baggage intact, albeit a couple of weeks later!

All's well that ends well. Thank you God for giving us your reflection in innocent but all-knowing children!

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