Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My encounter with Mr. Hanumana...

This was an incident which occurred yesterday when I took my son to the small zoo here at Guindy. As my son was hungry, I gave him a small bun and asked him to eat it. He refused and gave it back to me and I kept it back within the bag along with the rest of the bun packet.

But unknowing to us there was a Mr. Hanumana (read monkey) watching us closely from a distance! As soon as I kept the bun packet back into the bag the monkey approached us and snatched the bag from my hand like it belonged to him or her (I am not sure!). My son burst into tears and wanted his bun back right then...anyways!

This is what monkeys generally do when we innocently tempt them with goodies in our hand. But what made me write this post was the brazen 'fearlessness' which I noticed in the eyes of the monkey. It was just so raw...I was trying to shoo it away and it didn't seem to bother about anything. Looking at its eyes which were so fear-free and direct made me retreat. This is when I thought fearlessness...what an amazing quality to have and your eyes are the best window to express them. Maybe back then, while the Britishers ruled us, I think it is this kind of fearlessness that they saw in our freedom fighters eyes which made them squinch and leave. The fearlessness in somebody's eyes can instill the feeling of fear in somebody else...can we manage to be fearless in all circumstances or only in the pursuit of things that we must have, does fearlessness come from being ignorant or from the belief that we can face anything that may come I know why Lord Hanuman is associated with fearlessness...Jai Shri Ram bakth Hanuman!

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