Friday, January 27, 2012

Operation UnPlug - Two!

This post is second in the line of the 'Operation UnPlug' posts and is dedicated to MittiCool... :-) a innovative line of products by Mr Manshukbhai Prajapati of Wankaner (Gujarat state, India). I have already decided to order a few of the MittiCool's products...

This post deserves to be part of my 'Operation UnPlug' series of posts since it is about being eco-friendly and at the same time being natural...Mr. M Prajapati has had the forethought and vision to utilize clay which is one of the basic elements of nature and come up with such innovative products like Water filters, Non-stick tavas, Cookers and even...yes, you are reading right Refrigerators!!! When I first read about him in an article I really wished that I should have got these ideas too :-) but I think it is better that somebody has these ideas and is already implementing them.

If each of put our earnest efforts no matter how small they maybe in trying to leave less of our footprint on Mother Earth...then I think it will go a long way in helping to sustain all that we cherish as valuable...Amen!

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