Saturday, November 12, 2011

He is 2.5 years old now... :-)

The last post about my son was when he was 6 months old but I think it is time to devote another post for him since he has grown so much since then...

Actually this post got delayed and my son is almost 2.9 months I think I can write some more about him. He is still the same sweet child which I had described in my previous post about him. But now there is a whole bunch of things which he can do and amaze us at the same time. For instance he is very fluent in both Marati and Tamil - his Mother and Father tongues. So while he is talking to this Dad he speaks in Tamil and with Mom in Marati and he also translates for his Dad when required...he is our little translator :-D It is amazing to see how kids pick up languages at this age...just like that! I think some research into how kids do this will help us grown ones also to follow the same technique. Personally, I think it is because they have an open heart and open mind and are not biased by anything.

He is also very, very naughty now unlike the last time when I wrote about him where I described him as a sweet angel. But his naughty little pranks are all engineered to make us laugh or sometimes even scream depending on how much post-cleaning work we have to do... :-)

Also the most important part of his growing up is his fixation with cars which started quite early but is still very stead. He just loves them! Actually he loves any kind of automobile but he probably likes his Dad's van the best. I realized how much fixated he was with them when the first thing he learnt to draw was a Car few months back and he draws nothing else but that...! Also his favorite letters in the Alphabet is C (for Car) and V (for Van)...hmmm.....I don't remember when exactly his fascination for cars started but boy it has stayed for quite long and I am not sure how much longer will it stay....

He also does a lot of sweet things trying to help me which fortunately or unfortunately turn out to be double work for me! This one time he tried to help me clean the rice and spilt the whole thing on the floor :-O which make me furious at that given instant but later when I think back about the intention with which he did it makes me feel warm and I also feel sorry for yelling at him.

As he is growing up he is more closer to me than his Dad which I guess is a normal tendency for boy babies. Also I think the main thing about bringing up children right is by being a good example for them to mimic. There is no use telling them or disciplining them about right and wrong. You just do the right thing and they will follow you.

Now he understands what is happening around him much better and this has motivated me as a mother to do things which would help him understand our culture and heritage better. Hence I make it a point to celebrate all festivals by following the same rituals and traditions to whatever extent feasible. Hopefully all this will form a good treasure of memories for him to cherish as he grows older.

I can go on and on about him and his antics but I think I will stop here and will continue in another post after a few months....

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