Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bad Egg...

I came across this video Bad Egg on YouTube and it got me thinking...

The quote at the end which says 'Mother Earth has enough to satisfy every man's need but not every man's greed' - How True...I don't know when will all human beings realize this truth.

Today most of us are just involved in plundering Mother Earth and her precious resources. Why can't we learn to live like our ancestors who lead a much simpler life? In the name of progress and civilization we have eroded Mother Earth of everything and we are testing her patience to the limit. I am not sure how much more nonsense she is capable of handling but one thing is for sure, we will end up paying the price one way or the other.

Man thinks himself to be very smart and in his ego he may find another distant planet which would sustain human life, no doubt. But is it fair? Is it fair to use up Mother Earths' resources and leave her once our needs are no longer satiable by her? The Movie Wall-E also depicted how Mother Earth is depleted to the level until she was just a 'wasteland'. The message of this movie is something which we can't just ignore since this may be a sad reality within the next few decades. Also the truth is that we may not be in a position to face Mother Nature's fury when this happens.

Recently I read an article that sending an email actually takes up more power and is actually not 'eco-friendly' as was projected earlier. The other day one of my friend had indicated on her blog that she wished that iPhones existed maybe 20 years back when we were little kids so that she could capture the little beauties of nature like the sparrow, crows and beautiful flowers which were very much part of city life then. But the fact is that if cell phones existed then we wouldn't have had all the beautiful little things of nature that we enjoyed back then. Why? Just look around yourself today, do you see any small squirrels, sparrows, mynas, cuckoos, small shrubs, flowering plants? I read an article which stated that cell phone towers are responsible for creating radiations which are destroying the natural flora and fauna in their surrounding areas. So it is all a question of we have traded nature to have the most advanced technology in our hands and we are not stopping at that. But how long will this trend much time we have left??? How long will we be the bad egg???

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  1. Well written thought, unfortunately the by-products of modernization or progress has always been borne by nature...The History of is witness to it. v have to try n create a balance between progress n ecological will take time but am sure v can achieve it....But like u said do v have the time needed...anybody's guess!!!