Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100 Monkey Syndrome

I recently came across this phrase '100 Monkey Syndrome'. I started doing some googling and found out that it is a phenomenon that says, when a certain critical number is reached any behavior spreads spontaneously across the entire population.

This was supposedly proved by an experiment conducted by Japanese scientists on Macaque monkeys. Under this observation they found that some monkeys on an island were taught to wash their sweet potatoes before eating and gradually this behavior was learnt by other monkeys. When this behavior was learnt by the 100th monkey then the behavior seemed to spread across to all monkeys even to those not on the island, almost simultaneously. So the phenomenon states that when a particular behavior reaches a certain critical number then it automatically spreads to the rest of the population.

The actual experimental results are not based on much factual evidence but I have seen similar samples of the same in our daily life albeit in the Homo Sapien population. :-) I find it interesting that people have begun to now see the benefits of meditation almost spontaneously. You do not have to tell them that you are meditating and hence you have seen such and such a benefit. Everybody seem to already know about it! It seems like a certain critical number has been reached...can you take a guess what number it is???

Not only this, but suddenly the people practicing Sahaja meditation in India have an intense desire for the removal of corruption. And lo and behold, things are working out, now everybody seems to be having the same strong desire. Especially in India there seems to be some sort of a mass movement against corruption. Kalmadi being arrested, Anna Hazare's fast, Wikileaks and more...I feel all this boils down to a basic fact that all of us are somehow connected to a main energy. So when one of us gets a desire that is strong enough it does seem to spread to other minds through telepathy or some other unexplained phenomenon...so seeing this in effect I would like to conclude that let us all desire strongly for something good, good for the whole community, good for the whole world and let us unlock 'The Secret' and watch the magic happen. Also chances of your plea being heard by this energy are higher if you practice Sahajameditation. :-)

Happy Connecting!

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