Friday, December 25, 2009

Four brahmins and the lion

This is another of a moral story in my series...I actually wanted to write about the 'Two Monks' but it was already expressed in a beautiful way by one of the bloggers I follow. So I dropped the idea immediately. :-)

So let us get on with this story, a story about four Brahmins and a lion. I think some of you may have had this in one of your language classes in school sometime or the other.

Once upon a time there were four Brahmin brothers who were walking in a forest. On reaching the dense part of the forest, they noticed some skeletons lying on the ground. As all the brothers were very well-read and scholarly, they could immediately recognize that the skeleton belonged to a lion. So the first brother told the rest of them, "Let me assemble this lion's skeleton using my deep knowledge." He put together the lion's skeleton in a jiffy. The second brother then wanted to show off his skills and added muscles to the lion's body. The third brother not wanting to hold himself back added blood and all the other essential life fluids to the lion. The fourth brother then said, "All of you have done great things, but let me now do the most difficult thing...allow me to give life to this dead lion."

The dead lion came to life and roared gloriously. This terrified the brahmins and they all climbed up the nearest tree. The lion climbed up the tree and killed all of the brahmins. Poor souls!

So the moral here is that no matter how intelligent or knowledgeable a person might be not having the power of discretion is a great handicap. In this era, we find people who are very scholarly, very intelligent, very well-read but they apply their knowledge and skills in 'waking up dead lions' or in different words in areas which are harmful to the existence of humanity. A good example is the invention of the atomic bombs. Many people with deep knowledge in several subjects are even using their powers and reach in maybe not creating atom bombs but in corrupting humanity in a more subtler sense. This will eventually lead to the total collapse of humanity one way or the other. So it is very essential that great minds do not give into their ego to come up with destructive creations. One good way to overcome the pull of your ego is to meditate. Just try it, you will not regret it!

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